Don’t use a taxi booking app, use GetPickedUp

If you need to get somewhere but don’t want to book a taxi on your standard taxi booking android or iPhone app. GetPickedUp is better than your standard taxi bookings app as we allow you access to a range of hire cars ready and waiting to take you to your destination. Don’t wait for taxis any longer, benefit from transport that can be at your location at a pre-arranged time and cost. Compared with a taxi bookings app, GetPickedUp allows you to arrange a pick up from wherever you may be, ensuring that you travel in comfort and style.

The benefit and using GetPickedUp rather than your standard taxi bookings app

With the cost of taxis on the rise, hire cars are now becoming a viable option when it comes to transport. If you’re a frequent user of taxis, then consider using the GetPickedUp hire care iPhone or Android app to book your transport. This ensures you have guaranteed transport to and from your destination, ensuring you have a safe trip.

Experience a convenient service with the help of our hire car iPhone or Android app

Like a taxi bookings app, GetPickedUp for iPhone and Android takes advantage of the growing popularity of smartphones and applications. Whether for personal or business use, GetPickedUp is the convenient way to arrange your hire car requirements. Simply enter your location into our app and specify where you wish to travel to, and you will be provided with quotes from drivers for your trip. You make a decision based on the price that is offered, as well as factors such as the vehicle type and the feedback rating for the driver. Once you confirm a quote, your selected driver will then give you a call to confirm.

Arrange transport for all your business and personal needs with GetPickedUp

If you’re a business or person that uses a taxi iPhone app frequently, then GetPickedUp is the perfect solution for all your transport needs. Benefit from quality transport services with a team of drivers that are carefully screened, ensuring your safety and a pleasant trip. Take advantage of our dedication to providing you with well-maintained cars, and enjoy the benefits of a hire car service made accessible through your Android phone or iPhone.

Benefit from the convenience GetPickedUp offers. We are a service which goes beyond your ordinary taxi booking Android or iPhone app, but give you access to quality hire cars at comparable prices to taxis.

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