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Q. How does Get Picked Up work?

A. Get Picked Up takes your trip details and broadcasts them to local hire car drivers in your area. The Drivers will then respond within 2 minutes providing you with a journey quotation, and also an ETA (for "Now" bookings). You can then make your selection based on price, vehicle type, ETA, accepted payment methods and also their feedback rating. Once you make a driver selection, they will call you to confirm the journey in person!

Q.What is a Hire Car?

A. A Hire Car is a luxury, unmarked sedan bearing number plates beginning with "HC". Many people use the word "Limo" to describe them. Common vehicle models we have on our fleet include Holden Caprice, BMWs, Mercedes, and we even have a few luxury Vans for when you need that little extra room!

Q.Are Hire Cars more expensive than taxis?

A. Generally for short distance journeys Hire Cars are more expensive, but once your average taxi fare reaches over $70 they start to become extremely competitive and often even cheaper than taxis.

Q.Do I have to pay tolls and credit card or cabcharge surcharge on top of your quoted fares?

A. All toll charges and GST are included in quotations you receive. Cash payments accept no surcharge, but credit card and cabcharge payment fees are up to 11% including GST. These charges are industry standard, and charged by the service providers of eftpos machines which most drivers use.

Q.How do Hire Cars operate different to taxis?

A. To catch a Hire Car, the law states the trip must be prebooked and at a predetermined rate. This means you can't just hail one off the street, and they don't work on meters. A quotation given by our drivers will not change ever, not even if there is heavy traffic!

Q.How do I know all of your drivers are accredited by Transport Authority?

A. All of our drivers have their accounts manually set up and we obtain copies of documents from each driver to ensure they are accredited by the Transport Authority of each state.

Q.Why can I expect a premium service at rates competitive with taxis?

A. The running costs for a Hire Car are significantly lower than taxis as they aren't able to source work as readily. Hire Car Operators (due to laws) have to rely heavily on return clientele to run their business. That means you aren't just a fare, you are a client! At Get Picked Up we have the same philosophy. If you have a luxury ride with a professional and reliable driver you will definitely come back. So that's what we aim to provide you with every time!